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Vorth Mordrak

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Vorth Mordrak is a Grand Master of the Grey Knights. He leads the Second Brotherhood and is entitled as Admiral of the Fleet. As such he has command over the Chapter's fleet based assets[2], similar to the 4th Company Captain of regular chapters known as Master of the Fleet


The only survivor of the Fortress world of Mortain after its destruction by the Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines, the guilt of that survival gnawed at him daily and visions of his fallen comrades haunted him. Fearing he had become corrupted, Mordrak submitted himself to the Rituals of Purity, but was judged clean of taint. Still the manifestations plagued him, almost to the point of insanity.[1a]

On the world of Ralindri, Mordrak would be separated from his Battle-Brothers by a teleporter malfunction. Plunged directly into a plain swarming with Daemons, he was saved by two shining Terminators. Found alone amidst scores of slain Daemons, none could explain Mordrak's deliverance or who his rescuers had been.[1a]

Eventually, as these mysterious allies continued to appear wherever Mordrak fought, it became clear who they were: his comrades who had fallen on Mortain, given form and voice by Mordrak's own psychic might. Mortain's fallen had become bound to him at the moment of their deaths, whispering to him to take revenge on Huron Blackheart, master of the Red Corsairs. So did Mordrak gather to him a force of Battle-Brothers and depart Titan, determined to lay to rest the fallen that plagued him. Though he continually hunts Huron Blackheart near the The Maelstrom, Mordrak has not abandoned his greater mission and still responds to Daemonic incursions across the Galaxy.[1a]

Mordrak has been involved in other legendary missions in his chapter, such as the battle on board the planet-sized Necron construct known as Iori Delta Tove.[1b]

Mordrak is noted to have held the rank of Justicar during the First War of Armageddon and is one of a handful of Grey Knights to survive the conflict against Angron and his Bloodthirster retinue.


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