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Vortigern (Fallen Angel)

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Vortigern is a Fallen Angel who fought in the Legion Wars in the aftermath of the Traitor Legions' defeat in the Horus Heresy.

During that conflict, he led his own Warband known as the Lost Lion, but he eventually joined the Black Legion, when it became a major force within the Eye of Terror. Known to hold a serious demeanor at all times and of his loyalty to Abaddon's cause, Vortigern rose to become one of the Black Legion's Ezekarion[1b] and later took part in the First Battle of Cadia, during the First Black Crusade. The battle was initially fought by the Black Legion against the Black Templars Chapter, but disaster struck when the forces of the Chaos Lord Thagus Daravek intervened and began attacking the Black Legion's fleet. Now caught between two foes, the Ezekarion Iskandar Khayon, who was acting in Abaddon's stead during the battle, gave the order for their fleet to punch their way through the Black Templars blockade and escape into the Warp[1c]. Vortigern's Battleship, With Blade Drawn, managed to break through the Black Templars' ships, but he only relented to entering the Warp after being ordered to by Khayon. The Sorcerer then told the stubborn Fallen Angel that at least one of the Ezekarion needed to live, in order to take command of their ships that had escaped from the battle.[1d]