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Vorx is a Chaos Lord and Siegemaster of the Lords of Silence Warband.[1a]


Vorx was among the first Aspirants taken from Barbarus to join the Death Guard Legion after his Primarch Mortarion was discovered by the Emperor. He then took part in the battles of the Great Crusade and eventually rose to become a fleet commander, known as a Siegemaster, within the Legion. When the Horus Heresy began, Vorx joined his Legion in turning upon the Imperium, but after Warmaster Horus' forces were defeated in the Battle of Terra, he fled with the other traitors into the Eye of Terror. It was sometime later, that Vorx formed the Lords of Silence Warband, which has gone on to become one of the Death Guard's most powerful Warbands.[1a]

After the opening of the Great Rift, Vorx and the Lords of Silence allied with the Weeping Veil Warband of the Word Bearers and attacked Sabatinehomeworld of the White Consuls Space Marines Chapter[1b]. Vorx managed not only to defeat the White Consuls, and personally kill its Chapter Master Cymar Xydias[1c], but he also disrupted the Chaos sacrifices, the traitorous Weeping Veil had attempted in order to claim Sabatine for themselves[1d]. As a result, the Word Bearer Warband was forced to leave the world and Sabatine became the fertile ground for new diseases and maladies, as the Lords of Silence began to turn it into a copy of the Plague Planet. Afterwards, Vorx remained uncertain whether to stay on the newly conquered world or respond to the call of his Daemon Primarch Mortarion and join the Death Guard's assault on Ultramar.[1e]