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Notable Vostroyan Firstborn Regiments

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Notable Vostroyan Firstborn regiments of the Imperial Guard.

Notable Infantry Regiments

  • Vostroyan 5th Firstborn Regiment - The Vostroyan V Regiment was commanded by Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn, supreme commander of the Imperial forces on Medusa V. The regiment defended Hive Euryales against Chaos forces when Van Grothe's Rapidity overwhelmed the planet.
  • Vostroyan 7th Firstborn Regiment - The Vostroyan VII Regiment defended Hive Euryales on Medusa V alongside Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn and the Vostroyan V.
  • Vostroyan 9th 'Old Irascibles' Firstborn Regiment - Circa 790.M41 - Defended the planet of Nimbosa against the Tau effort to annex the world. The regiments heroic sacrifice in dying to a man to defend the factory city of Polia convices the Imperial citizens to refuse to submit to the Tau Empire.[6] Apparently reformed after their destruction on Nimbosa the regiment was once more destroyed to a man defending the hive city of Karak Prime against Hive Fleet Moloch, after detonating the hives nuclear stack[6]. The reformed Regiment was attacked in 998.M41 by Clan Vurgaan of the Iron Hands Chapter, when a shape-shifting Xeno infiltrated the Regiment's command structure. Though the Vostroyan 9th recently aided Clan Vurgaan in the Cull of Ersatz Prime, the Iron Hands showed their former allies no mercy and destroyed the compromised Regiment.[7]
  • Vostroyan 11th Firstborn Regiment - The Vostroyan XI Regiment served under Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn, supreme commander of the Imperial forces on Medusa V.[1]
  • Vostroyan 16th Firstborn Regiment - Defended the planet of Nimbosa.[6]
  • Vostroyan 22nd Firstborn Regiment - Known as the Riders of Dawn[10a]. The Regiment was instrumental in the liberation of Kurkaris. It is one of the very few Vostroyan regiments to make use of Rough Riders squadrons (called Hussars) in order to better engage the Orks in Kurkaris' thick forests.[3]
  • Vostroyan 55th Firstborn Regiment - The Firstborn 55th were redeployed to Fort Drusus on Kulth about four months after the Orks claimed Avitohol, having already fought with distinction on Ashen, Oriad, and Manus Genita during the earlier years of the Spinward Front campaign. Since that time, the 55th have been relocated to another corner of Kulth every other week, holding back Ork and Dominate incursions before pushing to reclaim some scrap of territory from them. This constant dance of defence and attack has become something of a routine for the 55th. Currently commanded by Colonel Nikolai Aleksandrov.[6]
  • Vostroyan 68th Firstborn Regiment - Defended Danik's World from an ork invasion and a planet wide rebellion. Last known records of the regiment indicate it had dropped to a strength of around 30 effectives, all from 5th company. The bulk of the regiment was destroyed by the rebellious forces, both with sedition and ambush tactics. 5th company, that had previously been detached as a rearguard, suffered heavily it making in back to Imperial lines. The Captain of the company, Gregorious Sebastev, was officially placed in command of the hardened survivors, shortly before the whole group was seconded to the Inquisition. The eventual fate of these survivors, and therefore the regiment itself, is currently unknown.[5]
  • Vostroyan 241st Firstborn Regiment - Nicknamed the “Legia Zaimprowizowany” or “Improvised Regiment”, the 241st are famous for their ad-hoc organisation. They can frequently be found adopting the fighting style of other regiments. The commander during the Medusa V campaign was Colonel Illyich Szradislav.[2]

Notable Armoured Regiments

  • Vostroyan Heavy Armoured 24th 'Iron Bloods' - Consisted of less than 1,500 Guardsmen at founding-strength.[4] Aided in the defence of the planet Degis against the Eldar of Craftworld Biel-Tan.[10b]