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Vownus Kaede

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Inquisitor Vownus Kaede

Vownus Kaede is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus in the Calixis Sector, he is a member of the Tyrantine Cabal. A noted scholar and philosopher, he is surprisingly optimistic for his order. He is also known to be a skilled swordsman, scoundrel, and self-righteous reprobate. His true origins are unknown, and his name itself is derived from Catuldynus’s epic verse allegory The Once-Pure Hive. Originally in the employ of a Rogue Trader, the story of his rise through the Inquisition is hazy and unclear. He was however originally a member of the Ordo Xenos before finding his true calling as a Witch Hunter.[1c]

Though nominally a Puritan, Kaede is a skilled Psyker and believes that the psychic are the future of the Human race. He is known as an avid Witch Hunter, but he has an eye for talent and will frequently save promising Psykers from Rykehuss' pogroms.[1c]

He is known for his distinctive Witch Hunters hat, Inferno Pistol, and the Power Sword Slight Jest.[1c]

Kaede detests fellow Ordo Hereticus and Tyrantine Cabal member Rykehuss’s methods and takes pleasure in spiriting promising young psykers out from under the Witch Finder’s pogroms.[1c]

Known Quotes

My blade can shear through adamantium as if it were paper, but it is a blunt club compared to the edge of my will.
— Inquisitor Kaede, Ordo Hereticus

Every soul wavers between the Void and the Emperor’s Holy Light. Most falter.
— Inquisitor Kaede, Ordo Hereticus

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