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Vroth's Knight, Gilded Conqueror

Vroth is an Imperial Knight of House Vulker.[1]

The twin stripes upon his Knight’s carapace mark Vroth as a Baron, and the pattern upon his tilting plate denotes his rank within the Exalted Court as the Master of Vox. The Master of Vox, sometimes known as a Broadhailer, bears the internal comms equipment that can network together all the fighting detachments of House Vulker’s Knights as well as broadcast vox hails to distant allies. In many Exalted Courts the Master of Vox commands a rearguard position, focusing upon communications and lending supporting fire. Not so for Baron Vroth. In typical Knight Gallant fashion, Baron Vroth wades into the thickest of the fighting, crushing all before him. His Knight, the Gilded Conqueror, is one of House Vulker’s eldest and most richly decorated suits. Only the most ancient of machines bear gilded armour burnished to a sheen, and the Gilded Conqueror sports a full helm-plate made of precious metal.[1]