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List of Ork Tribes and Warbands

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This articles lists all known Ork Tribes, Warbands and similar formations down to particularly famous mobs. Note that due to little standardization in Ork organisation these are often impossible to tell from one another ans as such are given here in one list.

Bludgit's Trukkas


Buzzgob's Dreadheadz


Mordag's Wreckers


Nahpik Oddmek's Tinboy Killas


Red Axe Rammers


Red Skull Kommandos

Red Skull Kommandos is a band of Kommandos lead by Boss Snikrot, so named for their tendency of scalping their victims. They carved a bloody legend for themselves during the Third War for Armageddon, refining their already prodigious abilities in stealth and sabotage, and beginning a campaign of terror and psychological warfare thet plagued the Imperial war effort ever since. They are the only Orks that the famed Armageddon Ork Hunters fear.[2a]

Skalk's Dredmob


Vulcha Squad

If ya wanna bi big an' mean,
If ya wanna be best an' green,
If ya wanna get da job done fast,
Da Vulcha skwad iz where it's at!

Lift-off chant of the Vulcha Skwad[3a]

The Vulcha Squad is the name given to the squad of Stormboyz lead by Boss Zagstruk. They fear his bad temper more than any enemy since he executes on spot for any sign of insubordination or cowardice. They get their name from Zagstruk's personal aircraft Da Vulcha[2b]

Warlord Burzuruk's Stompa Big Mob


Wartfinga's Whakkas


Wazmek's Klunkas


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