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Vulkan's Wrath

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2drones.gif This article is about the Salamanders Strike Cruiser; for the Salamanders Battle Barge, see Vulkans Wrath(M35).

The Vulkan's Wrath is a Strike Cruiser of the Salamanders Chapter. It was sent to the world of Scoria with the Third Company, to look for signs of the Salamanders' lost Primarch, Vulkan. It is also the vessel that discovered the derelict Mechanicus ship Archimedes Rex.[1]

The Strike Cruiser later delivered a strike force of the Chapter into the Nurgle-infested Space Hulk known as the Grim Scythe. Led by the Forgefather Vulkan He'stan, the strike force boarded the Space Hulk in search for the Chthonic Hammer (a mining ship that their Primarch had been on and which was later lost in the Warp, at about the time of Vulkan's disappearance).[2]

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