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Vulpa (Bike)

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Vulpas are heavy Astra Militarum Bikes, that are used in Rough Rider and light mechanized Regiments.[1]


They are built stocky, which make Vulpas good for traveling on terrain and ­the Bikes are capable of withstanding small-arms fire. Along with a kickstand and bright headlamps, they also have mudguards which protect their thick tires.[1]

Known Patterns

  • Jovian - It was believed to be no longer being made by the time of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade and was considered to be a rare vehicle. Rough Riders wielding Shock Lances, would place the weapons on a cradle located on the Jovian's forward glacis. Combining the vehicle's speed and the power of the Shock Lance, would allow Rough Riders to charge through enemy formations.[1]