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Vulture Kindred

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Kroot Vulture Kindred. For other uses of Vulture, see Vulture (disambiguation).
Vulture Kindred[2]

A Vulture Kindred is a type of kindred found within Kroot mercenary bands.[1]

Drawing upon their past avian ancestry, these Kroot have hunted and consumed the genetic traits of winged predators, developing small but functional wings. While not suited for extended use, this evolutionary trait allows these Kroot to glide short distances and take advantage of the warm updrafts above jungle canopies to climb high up before diving down to attack their enemies. Consisting of between ten to twenty Kroot, including a Shaper, their armament consists of Kroot Rifles and occasionally Frag Grenades, along with any gifts given to the Shaper by their employer.[1][2]