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Vuokho was a Thunderhawk in service with the Blackmanes Great Company of the Space Wolves Chapter. It was attached to Járnhamar Pack and piloted by Jorundur Erak Kaerlborn.[1a]

When Járnhamar were called to the Shrine World of Ras Shakeh, their transport, the Frigate Undrider, was attacked in orbit by a plague-ship.[1b] The pack's leader, Gunnlaugur, led a boarding action on the plague-ship[1b] that crippled the vessel, but not before it was able to fire a last salvo that destroyed the Undrider.[1c][1d] Járnhamar were only saved thanks to the actions of Jorundur, who piloted Vuokho to rescue them from the disintegrating plague-ship.[1d] Vuokho was able to land the pack safely on Ras Shakeh, but it took a lot of damage from the plague-ship's defences in the process.[1e]