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Waaagh! Banner

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Also known as War Banners, Waaagh! Banners are essentually a bigger version of Bosspoles.[1][4]

While Bosspoles feature heraldry of a mob or a single particularly powerful Ork, Waaagh! Banners feature a huge distinctive symbol of a whole Warband. These banners are decorated with glyphs, trophies and the insided of defeated enemies to show off how dangerous the owners are. These banners play similar role as Imperial Guard regimental standards, boosting Orks morale and allowing them to fight much more fiercely. These important items are usually carried by a Nob, who earned Warboss's respect, but occasionally carried on Warboss's back. Alternately, they can be mounted on special buildings in Ork Settlements to proclaim their affilation to some Clan, Tribe or Warband.[1][4]


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