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Waaagh! Garaghak

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The progress of Waaagh! Garaghak[1]
Map of the Forsarr Sector[2]

Waaagh Garaghak! is an infamous Ork Waaagh! that has all but captured the Imperial Forsarr Sector. It is often used by the Schola Progenium as a typical example of how a Waaagh! grows. Beginning as a small Goff warband, it now comprises numerous Ork Tribes and Warbands and many Ork leaders from various Clans, including the infamous Mek-Boss Buzzgob and Zhadsnark of Evil Sunz. It is currently believed to be capturing the last worlds in the sector and preparing to besiege the Raven Guard homeworld of Deliverance.[1][2]


The following is a list of major events during the campaign[2]:

  • 170936.M41 - Coming out of Ork-controlled space bordering Forsarr Sector, Garaghak's Goffs in alliance with Dagrog's Bad Moons capture the outpost world of Thoria III by surprise attack, defeating its garrison and enslaving the population.
  • 346937.M41 - This successful operation attracts more Orks warbands to their banners. Among them are Bad Dok Fisk Skullsplitter's renegade warband of Cyborks, Zorgo's Flyboys, Blackfinga's Death Skulls and many wandering Freebooter warbands.
  • 031939.M41 - Warlord Garaghak slays his former ally Dagrod and claims all Ork forces on Thoria II as his own.
  • 772945.M41 - Departmento Munitorum deploys five Imperial Guard Regiments on Tallarax, turning it ito a Fortress World in response to Ork threat.
  • 289948.M41 - Garaghak answers to the challenge by entering Tallarax system, overwhelming its space defences and beginning the planetfall.
  • 348948.M41 - Landing is complete and a three-year campaign begins on Tallarax.
  • 608951.M41 - Orks emerge victorious. Garaghak names himself an 'Overfiend of Tallarax' and reinforces the armour of his personal Battle Fortress with masonry taken from Tallarax's bastions.
  • 064952.M41 - With his permission, Garaghak's right hand, Mek-Boss Buzzgob and his Dreadheadz attack Industrial World of Kastorel-Novem.
  • 723952.M41 - Despite a strong resistance from the planet's garrison, including 49th Terrax Guard, it is evacuated and falls. Buzzgob turns the captured Kastorel-Novem (renamed Mekslag-Ikks) by Orks in his personal manufacturing base.
  • 453960.M41 - Blackfinga's Death Skulls split from Garaghak to attack the small forest world of Viridios Prime. He and his warband are wiped out by an Eldar fleet, that intercepted them in the system.
  • 211966.M41 - Warboss Gorgrok arrives from Ork Empire of Octavius on his personal Space Hulk at the head of a large fleet to challenge Garaghak and take control of the Waaagh! He is defeated by the Overfiend in a single combat and all his forces join Waaagh! Garaghak.
  • 779970.M41 - The Waaagh! continues to grow. New forces include Logrok's Bad Moons, Speedlord Vagracka's Blitzboys, Nazdrag's Kill Konvoy, Krog's Blood Axe Armoured Brigade and Gnashrak's Freeks. Small raids continue across the Forsarr system while the Warlord is mustering his forces for the next attack.
  • 935979.M41 - Departmento Munitorum predicts that Forsarr, the Hive World and a capital of the sector will be the next Ork target and deploys more Imperial Guard regiments to its defence.
  • 705988.M41 - As predicted, Garaghak invades Forsarr. Millions of Orks wage war that is to last eight years.
  • 541992.M41 - Raid on Kastorel-Novem. Raven Guard strike force and the Elysian 181st attempt to slow the Waaagh! by crippling Ork facilities on Mekslag-Ikks and killing Mek-Boss Buzzgob. Mission results in failure with Imperial forces all but eliminated.
  • 296994.M41 - Siege of Succuro-Prime Hive on Forsarr. 227th Mordian Regiment is eliminated in a ten-day battle. Garaghak is victorious.
  • 870995.M41 - A Raven Guard strike force, lead by Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike destroys Wakskum's Dakkaboys, a large Blood Axe warband on 89th Parallel.
  • 023996.M41 - Buzzgob leaves Mekslag-Ikks to start his own invasion against a Shrine World of Magdelene IX. With the help of Skalk Bluetoof's Death Skulls and more Goff Warbands he fights against Frateris Militia, thousands of cultists of Red Redemption and Sisters of Battle of the Order of the Black Selpulchre.
  • 411996.M41 - The Fall of Forsarr. It is renamed Garaghak's World and the Warlord now calls himself 'Warlord of Forsarr'. It makes the whole sector indefensible for the Imperial Guard High Command. Imperial Guard retreats en-masse, abandoning the Forsarr Sector despite Ecclesiarchy complaints. Its representatives demand the Imperium to defend Magdelene IX to the last man.
  • 866996.M41 - Without reinforcements, Magdelene IX falls to Buzzgob and is immediately claimed by Garaghak.
  • 390997.M41 - Snakebite warbands of Gursk's Braves from the far-flung planet of Ogrolla join with Garaghak. The entire population of the planet including hundreds of Squiggoths migrates to join the Waaagh! with the help of the Warlord.
  • 476998.M41 - Under pressure from Ecclesiarchy the 73rd Harakoni Warhawks are deployed on Magdelene IX. It is a desperate attempt which fails with heavy losses.
  • 995999.M41 - Garaghak's invasion is only now officially designated as Waaagh! Garaghak by the Administratum. His forces are estimated as two billion Orks, mustering on Garaghak's World, Mekslag-Ikks and Magdelene IX.
  • 996999.M41 - Imperial forces are deploying to halt the Orks. They include more Imperial Guard regiments, large Ecclesiarchy forces, demi-legion of Legio Astraman and Space Marines of the Revilers, Aurora, and Death Eagles Chapters. The entire Raven Guard Chapter stands ready to defend their homeworld, Deliverance, which is believed to become one of the next targets of Waaagh! Garaghak.

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