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Waaagh! Grax

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Waaagh! Grax
Ryza Warzone.jpg
Map of Ryza warzone showing initial and secondary response zones[1b]
Date 925.M41
Location Ryza & Outlying Systems
Outcome Ongoing, Imperial forces largely victorious
Imperium Orks
Commander Morbid van Hordic Grax
Catachan, Barac, and Dulma'lin Imperial Guard
Legio Crucius
Unknown, presumably heavy Unknown, presumably heavy
Waaagh! Grax is at its peak[3][2]

Waaagh! Grax is an infamous Ork Waaagh! that in 925.M41 descended upon the Ryza system in a torrent of destruction.[1]


Named after Ryza, an important Forge World located at its centre, the system comprises more than a dozen star systems. In response to the new threat, Imperial Guard regiments were raised from all planets within ten light years including the worlds of Barac, Dulma'lin, and Catachan. To meet the additional tithe requirements, the world of Dulma'lin drafted four-fifths of its total populace.[1a] The battle was decades in the making as Grax's Boyz gradually pushed the Imperium back across the system, arriving in ever increasing numbers. The response zone was increased to match secondary Ork threats[1b]. Despite increased reinforcements, the Imperium continued to lose ground; the expanding warzone turned into a meat grinder, swallowing planet after planet in bloody conflict.[2]

Orks continued to capture Imperial worlds in the system. After a series of battles with battlewagon battalions, the orks captured the Ice World of Flyberia and its strategically important promethium mines, and the factory world of Proctus Prime was overtaken and billions of humans enslaved to produce weapons for the orks. Only the newly arrived Catachan Jungle Fighters ensured that the Imperium maintains a hold upon a single continent of Ulani IV, although two of its sister planets are now under green dominion. Orks have yet to establish a foothold on the planet of Barac, but using treachery and stealth, they have already captured its trio of moons. As bitter fighting rages across a hundred fronts, many new warbands and whole Waaaghs! are being drawn to Grax's banner and to the ever-growing conflagration. Led by Kommander Rarguts, the ragtag fleets of Waaagh! Rarguts broke through the Imperial Navy defensive blockade to once again threaten Ryza itself.[2] Waaagh! Gorbad is also believed to join the assault on the Ryza system,[4] while Waaagh! Skullkrumpa splintered away[5].

The Forge World itself was invaded for the third time in a single conflict. With the ground shaking before the clanging advance of Gargants, massed Stompas and a living green tide of orks as Fighta-Bommers tore through low-hanging pollution clouds. Imperial Guard armies mustered along trench lines, and immense numbers of Leman Russ Executioners were driven straight out of the Ryza factories and into the whirlwind of fighting. Super-heavy tanks, ancient Titans of the Legio Crucius and other weapons of the Adeptus Mechanicus also joined the fighting, lighting up the horizon with their firepower and marking the Waaagh! as one of the greatest conflicts of the 41st Millennium.[2]

The bulk of ork forces are believed to be eventually defeated by Commander Morbid van Hordric in the heroic battle of Desolation Valley.[1a]

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