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Waaagh! Zagstomp

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Waaagh! Zagstomp was an Ork Waaagh! that appeared after the creation of the Great Rift.[1]


The Orks of Waaagh! Zagstomp overran the Iron Warriors Citadel of Miseries after a grueling three year siege. Grown massive and powerful from the violence and equipped with the looted vehicles of the Iron Warriors, Zagstomp’s hordes boarded their ships. However beefore they could attempt to move into the warp, Custodians of the Solar Watch materialized within the greenskin ships. The Custodians held off the Orks long enough to plant vortex implosion detonators on every ship. The survivors then teleported back to their own ships and jumped away into the warp. While attempting to give chase, the Orks triggered the vortex bombs, and their vast fleet – which Imperial doomscryers warned would appear on the fringes of the Sol System if left unchecked – was consumed by the ferocious energy storm that follows.[1]

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