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Waaargh: Orks

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Waaargh: Orks
Waaargh Orks FCover.jpg
Author(s) Nigel Stillman, Bryan Ansell
Editor(s) Lindsey D le Doux Paton
Cover Artist Wayne England
Illustrator(s) Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, John Blanche, Paul Bonner, Paul Campbell, Gary Chalk, Mark Craven, Wayne England, Dave Gallagher, Colin Howard, Tony Hough, Martin McKenna, Mike McVey, Richard Wright, Adrian Smith, Kevin Walker
Released 1990
Pages 104
ISBN ISBN 1-872372-15-5
Waaargh the Orks was a sourcebook created in 1990 and devoted purely to Ork background and model painting. It contained no rules. Information included background to the Ork castes and clans as well as the various banners and colours used by different clans. The book consists of 104 pages, the front and back covers in colour with the rest of the book in black and white.

It was the first of three books covering the background and army lists to the Orks.


  • Da Orks
  • Da Lost Race
  • Ork Domains
  • Makari the Gretchin
  • Clans and Castes
  • Da Castes
  • Nuzzgrond's World
  • Banners and Backplates
  • Ork Banner Colour Feature
  • Back Banners
  • Clan Banners
  • Uniform and Backplate Guide
  • Ork Waa-Totem
  • Art and Musik
  • Da Gods
  • Waa-Ork
  • Orks in Space
  • In the Warp, Something Stirred
  • Teeth
  • Social Organisation
  • Da Clans
  • Ork Settlements
  • Ork Banners
  • Ork Language and Writing
  • The Spider Temple
  • Painting Guide

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Other Information

  • ISBN 1-872372-15-5
  • Reference Number 001535
  • Product Code 0153