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Waersk is a Magnate of House Lucaris and pilots the Knight Despoiler Khorifex.[1a]

He is driven by a great hatred for Terra and an obsession to see his household raised to its rightful place of dominance in the galaxy. In order to fulfill both of those desires, Waersk allied with a group of the Dark Mechanicum, during the Psychic Awakening, to strike a blow against Segmentum Tempestus and Terra. He used captured psykers and bound Daemons on Ordex-Thaag to power his plot and would have succeeded, had it not been uncovered by the forces of Magos Dominus Xu Kroll[1a]. The Magos' forces were then successful in stopping Waersk, but in doing so, however, the captured Daemons on Ordex-Thaag were freed. Among them were four Lords of Ruin who sought vengeance against Waersk and as the Magnate was rallying his surviving Chaos Knights, they struck. The Daemons easily invaded Waresk's Knight Despoiler, heavily mutating it, and sealing the Magnate within it, before piercing his body with spikes. A fearful Waersk tried to save his life by pledging his forces to the Daemons, but they laughed at his efforts. Instead the Lords of Ruin, created a giant vortex which pulled Waersk and his Knights into the Warp.[1b]