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War Dog

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the type of Knights; for the Chaos Space Marine warband, see War Dogs.
The War Dog Dreadblade, Aesyr[1b]

War Dogs are Armiger Pattern Knights, that have been corrupted by Chaos and are now a type of Chaos Knight.[1a]


Like their loyalist Armiger Knight counterparts, War Dogs are piloted by warriors hailing from the lower classes of a Knight World's nobility and act as the thralls and servants of their Noble masters. Before falling to Chaos, these warriors were renowned for carrying out their instructions with pride, dutifully adhering to the tenets of humility and compliance that had been instilled in them since birth. Now, however, following their exposure to the Warp, they have a ravenous desire for personal glory. This is accompanied by a deep loathing for the upper echelons of their Knightly household, those who lord their power over the lesser Nobles. But despite the burning resentment held by the pilots, they are still bound into service by their Helms Mechanicum. Yet from their Helms there also comes a constant stream of whispers and daemonic ravings, extolling the pilot’s strength and decrying the lowly position they hold. This breeds thoughts of treachery in the pilot’s mind. It is this unattainable desire to be unshackled that fuels the War Dogs’ insanity, and hones their fury.[1a]

In battle, War Dogs are often deployed to eradicate those foes who are deemed beneath the notice of their Fallen Noble masters. Yet even the most ignominious task they carry out with savage fervor. The pain and suffering they inflict on others feeds their hatred, for through the dying screams of their enemies they are able to imagine the deaths of their own Noble overlords. Such grim musings do not go unnoticed by other Chaos Knights, but are tolerated nonetheless. After all, it is the hatred of their station that makes War Dogs so eager to prove their worth in battle.[1a]

Types of War Dogs

  • War Dog Brigand — Ranged combat type armed with two ranged weapons.[4] Their pilots are enamored with ranged killing and disdain close combat assaults.[5]
  • War Dog Executioner — Standard type equipped with a Daemonbreath Meltagun, Heavy Stubbers, and Autocannons. Piloted by the most methodically cold and emotionless Fallen Nobles.[5]
  • War Dog Huntsman — Specialize in hunting down and slaying large enemies. To this end they are equipped with a Daemonbreath Spear, Daemonbreath Meltagun, and Reaper Chaintalon.[5]
  • War Dog Karnivore — Close combat type armed with a Reaper Chaintalon and Slaughterclaw.[3] They are aggressively bloodthirsty, revel in causing pain, and eschew most ranged weaponry.[5]
  • War Dog Stalker — Mixed combat type armed with one Chaintalon or Slaughterclaw, as well as one Avenger Chaincannon or Daemonbreath Spear.[4] Piloted by the strongest-willed Nobles, often leading other packs into battle.[5]

Notable War Dogs



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