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War for Bhorc Prime

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War for Bhorc Prime
Conflict Waaagh! Bork
Date Unknown
Location Bhorc Prime
Outcome Ork victory
Imperium Orks
Unknown Warboss Klawjaw
4 Space Marine Chapters
Imperial Guard
Unknown Unknown

The War for Bhorc Prime was the first campaign of Waaagh! Bork, lead by Warlord Klawjaw.[1][2]

Rise of Klawjaw

Planet of Bork aka Bhorc Prime was a site of constant struggle between Orks and Imperium. It went on until one Ork, known as Klawjaw, managed to unite all Ork factions on the planet and started a massive Waaagh!. To counter it, the Imperium mustered great armies that included forces from four Space Marine Chapters. The resulting War for Bhorc Prime revolved around four mighty battles[2]

Battle at da Sub Dockyard

Klawjaw's Submersibles were the key to his success, allowing Orks to travel between the captured proto-forges and the main warzone of Bhorc Prime. To destroy them, a force of Dark Angels were teleported from orbit. They succeeded in their mission - the dockyard was in the hands of the Imperium and Klawjaw's supply lines were cut.[2]

Da Great Air Strip Bash

The Imperial Guard were tasked with the destruction of the Ork airfields to prevent Klawjaw's escape, whilst Orks used the captured proto-forges to create a ramshackle convoy of vehicles. Their armoured might crushed the Imperial Guard forces, the airfield remained secure and Klawjaw's forces were kept airborne.[2]

Scrap at da Scrap Yard

Warlord's Gargant fields were clanking away at the heart of the scrap continent of Rustia, building bigger and better idols to stomp Imperial forces. A contingent of Howling Griffons was dispatched to prevent this from happening. They managed to seize the high ground, and, with commanding fire positions, they could press their atteck on the Gargant fields and slow the invasion.[2]

Da Krater Maker

Klawjaw possessed Da Krater Maker - his pride and joy, the biggest land-based gun the sector has ever seen. Orks planned to use it to destroy Bork's capital, Furnacehive. A combined force of Ultramarines and Blood Angels fought in an apocalyptic battle with Orks in the approaches to the Hive. They threw everything they had at Krater Maker, but in the end it just rumbled ever onwards. With a mighty kaboom! the hive spire came tumbling down.[2]


Despite their victories, Imperium's forces faced defeat on Bhorc Prime. The whole planet was soon under Ork control and Warboss Klawjaw began his Waaagh! Bork against the Imperium. It would later lead to creation of one of the biggest Ork domains, Ork Empire of Bork.[1][2]

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