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War in the Labyrinth

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War in the Labyrinth
The Ynnari battle the Thousand Sons[1]
Conflict Thirteenth Black Crusade[1]
Date 999.M41[1]
Location Webway[1]
Outcome Eldar victory[1]
Eldar[1] Thousand Sons[1]
Eldrad Ulthran
The Visarch
Jain Zar(MIA)[1]
Phoenix Lords[1]
Prodigal Sons
Tzeentch Daemons[1]
50% lost[1] Nearly all destroyed[1]

The War in the Labyrinth was a battle between the Ynnari and Thousand Sons in the closing days of the 41st Millennium.[1]


Following the formation of the Ynnari, the Ruinous Powers became determined to halt their efforts to resurrect Ynnead. With their attack on Iyanden defeated, the Sorcerer Lord Ahriman knew the time was right to make his move. Ahriman had heard of the ability of the Ynnari to reverse life and death, and this may hold the key to curing his Thousand Sons of the Rubric.[1]

As the Ynnari moved in the Webway on their journey to Kalisus, the Thousand Sons struck. An ambush led by the Scarab Occult devastated the stunned Eldar. The crystalline bridge the Ynnari were moving across collapsed, scattering the Eldar into the void of the Webway. On another flank, the Ynnari came under assault from Tzeentchian Daemons led by several Lords of Change who mutated and transformed the Eldar warriors. The Ynnari were able to endure the ambush only thanks to the timely arrival of the Phoenix Lords.[1]

Below the shattered bridge, Eldrad was able to rally the survivors and hold back the Thousand Sons' onslaught. The Harlequins managed to push back the Thousand Sons but Ahriman himself entered the battle and the tide began to turn. Ahriman confronted Yvraine, The Visarch, and Yncarne, but, before the trio can attack the Sorcerer, he teleported them outside the walls of the Webway. Now in the realm of pure Chaos, the three Eldar warriors seemed doomed. However, Yvraine was able to convince Ahriman to bring them back into the Webway by demonstrating her ability to cure the Rubicae. Ahriman brought the three back to safety, but Yvraine betrayed him by having a Wraithknight smash a whole in the Webway, sucking the cured Thousand Sons into the void. Enraged, Ahriman fled and the rest of the Thousand Sons are destroyed.[1]

Despite their victory, the fighting inflicted a heavy toll of the Ynnari. 50% of their forces were lost in the battle, and, even more worrying, Yncarne and the Phoenix Lords have vanished. Nonetheless, Yvraine and Eldrad continued the Ynnari's journey to Kalisus, where they would eventually ally with the Imperial survivors of the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[1]