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War of Dakka

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The War of Dakka occurred in M41 and pitted the Orks of Warboss of Ork Empire of Alsanta Grog Ironteef against the Tau Empire as well as the renegade Tau commander Farsight[1]


After engaging a fleet of Kroot Warspheres escorting trade routes off the Tau Sept of Dal'yth, Ork Warboss Grog Ironteef had found that the vicious Kroot, who preferred close quarters combat, made for a "proper fight". This was in stark contrast to most other troops of the Tau Empire, who preferred to fight battles with long-range firepower, a battle style the Orks found highly irritating. Engaging the Kroot in a protracted campaign of "head-bashing", the Tau would eventually come to the aid of their Kroot allies.[1]


Grog was furious at this interruption and declared war upon the Tau Empire, determined to show them that the Orks were not to be trifled with. Unfortunately for Grog, his armies were outclassed and outgunned again and again by well trained and equipped Tau Cadre's. Though his horde of Orks was massive, Grog found his forces being whittled away.[1]

Thus Grog decided to take a different tack. Deploying many Tankbustas, Flash Gitz, and the Freebooters of Kaptin Badrukk, Grog managed to upgrade his armies firepower as well as loot captured Tau weaponry. Ready to face the Tau, Grog managed to use his armies newly acquired long-range firepower to penetrate the Farsight Enclaves in a bloody exchange of fire. The Tau were only saved by the arrival of a Tau Manta Missile Destroyer, which cut down Badrukk's Flash Gitz with railgun fire and forced the Freebooter captain to retreat.[1]

As the battle in the Farsight Enclaves escalated, Grog embarked on his most cunning plan yet. Utilizing the concept of "retreat", something nearly unheard of in Ork "Kultur, Grog managed to overextend the aggressive Tau hunter-killer teams and crush them in a bloody ambush. Pursuing the retreating Tau back to their base, the Orks looted and pillaged even more of the Tau's impressive arsenal and become an even greater threat. The tide of the war had turned decisively in the Orks' favour.[1]

Since that day, many more Ork warbands have flocked to Grog's banner, eager to join this "good fight". Having taken 3 Tau Sept worlds in the space of a year, the Orks are still locked in a bloody war of attrition with the Tau. No many how many times Farsight and his forces cut down the Orks, more take their place.[1]

Da Big Raid

The Blood Axes of Waaagh! Grog tell a story about the greatest Kommando attack ever, known as Da Big Raid. It happened on the world of Vor’sanar, when Waaagh! Grog smashed into the edges of the Tau Empire. Freebooter raids on the Tau planet had been previously repulsed by a huge alien warship with more dakka than anything in the Ork fleet. Called the Korst’la by the Tau and Da Big Dakkaship by the Orks, it stalked the space lanes around Vor’sanar, annihilating anything that trespassed on the Tau Empire. The Korst’la’s only weakness was that it needed to use the huge orbital docks around Vor’sanar to refuel and rearm. While Grog knocked the heads of his Freebooter Kaptins together, trying to get a large enough fleet together to storm the Tau planet, a mob of Blood Axe Kommandos came up with a more cunning plan. They would attack the orbital docks while the Korst’la was away, wrecking the Tau station, and denying the warship a place to repair itself or rearm.[2]

The Kommandos set out in a looted Tau transport ship, using captured codes to approach the Vor’sanar dockyard under the pretence of having been damaged in an Ork raid and seeking safe harbour. The Tau were initially suspicious of the lone vessel limping into their station, but every demand for identification was met with a satisfactory response, and the idea that Orks could undertake such a ruse was unthinkable to the Tau. It was a horrific surprise then when the vacuum seals opened and Ork Kommandos poured out into the station. By the time the Tau had mustered to repel the invaders, the Kommandos had reached the station’s reactors. Smashing them to scrap, they set off a chain reaction, dooming the station and allowing Waaagh! Grog to ransack Vor’sanar and ultimately the entire sector.[2]

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