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War of Faith

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A War of Faith is a religiously inspired conflict launched by the Imperium at the order of the Adeptus Ministorum.[1a]


Often confused with a Crusade, a War of Faith is different in that a Crusade is ordered by the authority of the High Lords of Terra and generally involves the different military organizations of the Imperium including the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Navy, the Space Marines, and administrative staff from the Adeptus Terra and Ecclesiarchy. A War of Faith however is by the command of the Ecclesiarch alone and primarily concerns only members of the Adeptus Ministorum such as the Adepta Sororitas and Frateris Militia. Aside from this general distinction, the two overlap considerably and both seek the conquest of new territory, purging of heretics of the Imperial Cult, and the eradication of Xenos and Mutants. Wars of Faith can sometimes even be conducted against radical or heretical factions within the Ecclesiarchy itself.[1a]

Sometimes, a War of Faith may even be part of a greater Crusade and sometimes are assisted by other Imperial forces such as the Imperial Guard. Though when they are not, they are funded and conducted solely by the resources of the Ecclesiarchy. However though it is financed and ordered by the Ecclesiarch, he does not have total control over a War of Faith and it must be approved by the High Lords of Terra.[1a]

The first War of Faith in the Imperium's history was in M32 against the rival faction to the Adeptus Ministorum, the Confederation of Light.[1b] Wars of Faith reached their peak during the Age of Redemption in M37-M38.[2]

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