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War of the Orks (Novel)

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War of the Orks
Author Cavan Scott
Publisher Black Library
Series Warhammer Adventures
Preceded by Secrets of the Tau (Novel)
Followed by Plague of the Nurglings (Novel)
Released June 2020
Pages 224

War of the Orks is the 4th Warhammer 40,000-set story of the Warhammer Adventures series of young adult novels.[1]


Still searching for the Emperor’s Seat, Zelia, Talen and Mekki arrive on the jungle planet of Weald. Accompanied by the ingenious Fleapit and the dashing Rogue Trader Amity, Zelia and her friends become embroiled in a war between two brutish tribes of green-skinned orks! Only by using their wits can they hope to survive this savage encounter…[1]