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War of Weeping

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The War of Weeping occurred on the world Crastille, between the forces of the Astra Militarum and T'au Empire. During the War, Manvolio Grand's Ratling Sharpshooters held the narrow bridge over the tumultuous Widowash River for three full days against the Tau's forces. Six times the Xenos sent numerous forces against the Ratlings, but each time Manvolio and his Sharpshooters killed them all, before the Tau and their Kroot allies reached them. Eventually, the Tau were forced to commit several Stealthsuit Teams to the fight and most of the Ratlings were killed by the invisible warriors. However, Manvolio and his closest cronies escaped and made it back to the Astra Militarum's lines alive, where they were hailed as heroes for their efforts.[1]