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Ork Warbike

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Warboss-size Warbike[3]

Warbikes are a class of Ork vehicles.


Warbikes are ramshackle devices created from as many parts as possible, designed and maintained by the Mekboyz to fulfill two important Orky urges: to move as fast as possible and to make as much noise while doing so. The bikes are more than a method of delivering Orks into combat, though - they also serve as weapon platforms for the so-called dakkaguns, a heavy weapon not normally mounted on unstable bikes for accuracy reasons. All warbikes are well-treated by their Ork owners, both due to their awesome power, and because of the sheer enjoyment Orks receive from their speed. In the Ork mind, the only activity exceeding the thrill of riding their mechanical steed at the enemy, side-mounted dakkaguns blasting away, is diving at the troops below in a Fighta-Bommer, dropping crude explosives the whole time.[Needs Citation]


  • Moto-X — the Moto-X kustomisation replaced the tyres and tracks on a warbike with big, knobbly tyres and special spiky tracks that gave increased grip and traction. This allowed the warbike to travel at high speed across difficult terrain[7]
  • Ooge Xhausts — it represented extensive kustomisations to the engine exhaust system of the bike, resulting in absolutely enormous exhaust pipes that had been specifically designed to make as much noise as possible. Some Mekboyz were able to get an engine note that sounded like a half-dozen Battle Cannon shells impacting on the ground - which had a side-effect of occasionally fooling the enemy into believing they were under artillery bombardmen[7]


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