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Feral Ork Boarboyz[2]

Warboars (or "Gruntas" in Ork Language) are large, brutish and intemperate animals, closely resembling the wild boars of ancient Terra, although grossly exaggerated in size. They are sometimes used by Ork warbands, particularly by Snakebites and Feral Orks.


Throughout all of Ork history, Warboars have been used as steeds, because of their ferocious temperament and prolific abundance throughout the galaxy. Stout and covered with coarse, bristly hair, the Ork race has long had an affinity with the creatures because of their common violent and intemperate natures. Warboars are favoured as they possess the toughness that faster steeds lack.[Needs Citation]

In the current Age of the Imperium, the relatively advanced Ork Clans shun the primitive warboar in favour of bikes and other vehicles, and warboars are now seen only in Feral Ork tribes. Their induction into a tribe usually takes place when an Ork (often a Trappa) is forced to prove how tough he is by catching one. If the Ork wishes to prove he is particularly powerful, he will attempt to 'train' the warboar for riding. Training consists mainly of brutally breaking the animal in.[Needs Citation]


Simple warboars are the most common type, their riders known as Boarboyz. As all boars are violent and stubborn in the extreme and totally unsuitable as mounts, the Ork rider must constantly establish who the boss is in order to keep the animal under his control.[Needs Citation]

Warboars also ridden by Warbosses, Nobz and Pigdoks. Sometimes they are even used to pull along a looted vehicle found while the tribe was raiding.[Needs Citation]


The best boars are chosen by the Meks and Doks and heavily augmented with crude weaponry and armour. Sometimes this augmentation is so heavy that the warboar can no longer be considered simply a boar, and it is then called a Cyboar. Cyboars often require a lot of resources to produce and so are usually reserved for important Nobs and Warbosses. Improvements could include such things as replacing the boar's tusks with even more vicious metal ones, giving it powerful, hydraulic or piston-driven limbs, or reinforcing its hide with metal plating. One common feature among cyboars is a large cluster of stimulant injectors to increase the animal's speed (often operated by a large red button).[Needs Citation]

Obviously, these forms of surgery and repairs can take up a lot of the Mad Dok's time if the tribe contains a large number of boars. Because of this, Mad Dok's in Feral Ork tribes are often called Pig Doks because of the inordinate amount of time they spend working with the boars.[Needs Citation]

Super Cyboars

Sometimes a Warboss will demand that a Mad Dok create an even faster steed more befitting of their status. In this case the final product will often be referred to as a Super Cyboar. Its more heavily cyborged body offers even greater protection when ridden. The additional modifications include a single button which not only injects adrenaline stimulants into the Super Cyboar but also triggers the injectors of the entire Nob retinue's Cyboars.[Needs Citation]

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