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Warbringer Nemesis Titan

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Warbringer Nemesis Titan[4]

The Warbringer Nemesis Titan is a large class of Imperial Titan.


The Warbringer is between the size of a Warlord Titan and Reaver Titan. It is a dedicated Titan hunter, sporting a truly immense quake cannon designed to take down enemy god-machines at range. Used during the Great Crusade against various Titan-scale xenos constructs, the Warbringer came into its own during the Horus Heresy, as Titan war became commonplace.[2]

The main weapon of the Warbringer is its carapace mounted Quake Cannon, which is capable of transforming anything it hits into a white-hot crater. This artillery weapon features a revolver-style loading mechanism and is crewed by a spotter and a loader.[1] Besides this, the Warbringer is equipped with two shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft Autocannon arrays and two arm-mounted weapons which be a Laser Blaster, Gatling Blaster, Volcano Cannon, or Melta Cannon.[2]

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