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An Ork Warbuggy

A Warbuggy is a two-man Ork fast attack vehicle.


Though they come in all shapes and sizes, a standard Warbuggy has a 4 wheeled low-riding chassis and a supercharged engine that enables it to zoom into battle at incredible pace. As a result, Warbuggies are ideally suited for the ash wastes and silt flats of Industrial Worlds.[1]

Those Speed Freaks who own Warbuggies will inevitably group together in ramshackle bands that rampage across the battlefield, blasting away at anything they can. There are various patterns of Warbuggy, such as those armed with Rokkit Launchas or Skorchas, though all of them have a speed-crazed driver at the front and a heavy weapons gunner in the back. The weapons used by a Warbuggy are normally twin-linked so that the inherent Ork inaccuracy can be offset by a higher rate of fire, and a full horde of Warbuggies has more than enough firepower to mow down enemy platoons or blow apart a tank.[1]



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