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Warden of the Pharos

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Warden of the Pharos is a title bestowed by the Ultramarines on the individual in charge of protecting Mount Pharos on the planet Sotha, along with the device within the mountain.[1]

When the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter was formed (in part to protect Sotha), the first Chapter Master of the Scythes, Oberdeii, was proclaimed Warden of the Pharos in perpetuity.[1] By the 41st millennium, the title appears to have become an honorific for the Chapter Master of the Scythes[2a], although its status and use following the Fall of Sotha is unknown.[2b]

Each Warden of the Pharos wore the position's badge of office in battle: a helmet in the shape of a stylised iron skull, originally worn by Barabas Dantioch (the first to bear the title).[1][2c]

Known Wardens