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Wardens of the Gauntlet

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The Wardens of the Gauntlet are Space Marine Chapters, that have sworn to defend the Nachmund Gauntlet from the Imperium's enemies.[1a]


Originally the Castellans of the Rift were charged with doing so by Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman, after their Founding. However they later risked failing in their duty, after the Chapter suffered heavy losses at Vigilus and around Dharrovar. In order to prevent this from happening, the Castellans sent out a plea for aid in defending the Gauntlet and targeted the messages to their fellow Space Marine Chapters. It asked their brethren to join the Castellans in swearing to defend the Gauntlet for the Imperium. The Great Rift, though, made getting these messages out difficult. Further more, the giant Warp Storm prevented the few Chapters who received the Castellans' pleas, from coordinating their response with other Chapters. It also stops them from sending their forces directly to the Nachmund Gauntlet. However those Space Marine forces that arrive there swore oaths to defend it and began to call themselves the Wardens of the Gauntlet. Several also took the image of a gauntleted hand as a visual seal of their vow.[1a]

While entire Chapters have chosen to fight for the Gauntlet, most of the Wardens' membership is composed of forces that arrived fragmented due to the Great Rift. Meanwhile, other Space Marine forces have merely arrived in the Gauntlet by chance. Some sought it out for refuge after being separated from larger forces, or are survivors from Systems that fell to forces of Abaddon the Despoiler. There are even those who found themselves in the Gauntlet, after tumbling out of the Great Rift and are now far from their original targets. All of the Wardens have sworn to defend the Gauntlet and have embraced the chance to strike back at the Imperium's enemies.[1a]

However the Ordo Astartes Inquisitor Xolazi Imhele, suspects the formation of the Wardens is an attempt to form a Space Marine Legion. Such an action would go against the Codex Astartes and Imhele has dispatched her Inkhorn-Sage Sebikos Edjo to the Gauntlet in order to determine if this is true. He has been provided with the resources to do so, in such a dangerous war zone, and his large number of personnel have been helping Edjo compile a list of Chapters who are serving in the Wardens. While the Sage has yet to find evidence of Legion building within the Wardens so far, Edjo is sure Lord Commander Guilliman knew that such a group would eventually be formed because of his actions. Guilliman after all, had originally charged the Castellans of the Rift with defending the Nachmund Gauntlet after their Founding. Such a difficult task, Edjo declares, would have obviously overburdened the Castellans and left them no choice but to call on other Chapters to aid them.[2b]

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