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Warhammer: Visions

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Warhammer: Visions was a magazine created by the makers of White Dwarf magazine.[1]


Warhammer: Visions was a 228 pages monthly hobby magazine published by Games Workshop. It was launched in February of 2014 and was discontinued in July of 2016 after 30 issues[1][2] and also when White Dwarf moved to a monthly release rather than a weekly; and was sold for 9€ (or $12 USA, $13 CAN, £7,50, 80 skr, 75 nkr, 70 dk, 35 zl) at the same time as White Dwarf Weekly.

The magazine was mostly comprised of full page pictures of Citadel Miniatures from all of their active gamelines at the time, but also included was "store finder" pages with the address of all official Warhammer stores at the time, a subscription page for Warhammer visions and White Dwarf. Another characteristic of the magazine was the translation of the text surrounding the pictures in English, French and German. [Needs Citation]

Sections of the magazine

The pictures were divided into different sections, the following examples are sections that were present in the magazine :

Armies on Parade : A gallery of entries from different armies on parade.

Army of the month : A section where the army of someone was shown, like the World Eaters army of James Karch[3] or the Goff army of Stu Black.[4]

Blanchitsu : A section where a team of miniatures was shown, those teams where either from John Blanche himself[5] or a other painter like Rob Morphew[6], or Cédric Lurkin.[7]

‘Eavy metal  : A gallery of miniatures painted by the ‘eavy metal team, like Darrem Latham, Komel Kozak or Neil Green.[8]

Forge world : Where the new miniatures from Forge World were shown.

In the spotlight : A gallery of models from a specific painter.

Lastest release Where the new miniatures were shown, and after the second issue the magazine included a page including the prices of said miniatures.[9] [10] [11]

Lord of War  : A gallery of painted warlords from an array of painters.

Paint Splatter : A painting section, with tutorials on how to paint certain miniatures which where often the same miniatures shown in the « Latest release » section.

Parade Ground : Which was a section dedicated to showing Golden demon miniatures from different different cities, like Cologne [12] or Birmingham[13]. Most of the pictures in this section were on a white and blue background. But they could also have a theme, for example only having Gorkanauts.

Reader Parade Ground : A section where miniatures from the readers where shown after pictures were sent to the magazine’s team.[14]