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Warhammer 40,000 Chapter Approved - The Book of the Astronomican

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Warhammer 40,000 Chapter Approved - The Book of the Astronomican
Book of the Astronomican FCover.jpg
Author(s) Rick Priestley, Alan Merrett, Jim Bambra, Mike Brunton, Sean Masterson, John Blanche
Editor(s) Phil Gallagher
Cover Artist Tony Roberts
Illustrator(s) Pete Knifton, Tony Ackland, Nik Williams, Dave Gallagher, Ali Morrison, Tony Hough, Russ Nicholson, Ian Miller, John Blanche, Dave Andrews, Colin Dixon, Sid, H.
Released 1988
Pages 112
ISBN ISBN 1869893336
The Book of the Astronomican was a supplement for the 1st Edition of the Warhammer 40,000 game.

General Structure

The first general supplement to the 'Rogue Trader' edition of the game, the Book of the Astronomican featured completely new material, a four part mini-campaign, a number of ready-to-use army lists and the first complete miniatures catalogue for the game.


Contents included:

  • The Wolf Time: A four-part campaign by Rick Priestley. It involved Space Wolves and Orks, a third player took the role of Games Master to arbitrate. The fourth and final battle depended on the outcome of the first three.
  • White Scars Space Marines: An army list for a Chapter.
  • Hylgar's Hell-raisers: An army list for an Imperial Army force.
  • Valerius Borodin: An army list for a Rogue Trader and his entourage.
  • Crangor's Buccaneers: An army list featuring pirates from the Claw Nebula. (pg. 85)
  • Luggub's Drop Legion: An army from the Ork invasion of Rynn's World.
  • Eldritch Raiders: An army list of Eldar Pirates.
  • Imperial Characters A selection of characters from different sections of the Imperium.
  • Colour Miniatures Guide: Including Mercenaries, Chainsaw Warriors, Space Pirates, Space Dwarfs, Space Elves and others, provided with cut-out banners.
  • Alien Species Identification File: Painting Orks, Eldar and Squats,
  • Additional material including early rule suggestions and a weapon summary on the back cover.

Imperial Characters

Adeptus Arbites Characters:

Adeptus Mechanicus Characters:

Administratum Characters:

Assassin Characters:

Inquisition Characters:

Navigator Characters:

Rogue Trader Characters:

Other Details

  • In the background to the Whitescars (later White Scars) army list, the chapter has its headquarters on the vast space barge-monastery Constantius, and it has a fleet of over a hundred craft. It also states (p65) that the chapter includes a unique unit called the Souldrinkers. This is a special assault group of which all the members are veteran hand to hand combat specialists. The Souldrinkers have their own distinctive shoulder badges and honour banners.

Other Publications

  • Codex, a general overview of all Codex publications.