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An explanation: This will become a standardised set of instructions on the construction of articles for this wiki. It will set out general and specific rules for how this wiki shall be run and all articles will be required to follow this standard. It will assume a basic understanding of sourcing methods for this wiki as well as knowledge of interwikis and categorisation. There shall be overriding themes for each and every article which will be common to each and every article, for example categories/interwikis/opening paragraphs/heading sizes etc. At the moment this is by no means finished and will not be for a long while to come. Once it is it shall be opened for comment before implementation, though if you spot anything particularly awful you can mention it on my talk page. It shall be locked so only sysops/admins can modify it until such a time as it is deemed safe to unlock it.


  • Race Articles
    • Lexicanum:Race Article Design
    • Lexicanum:Chapter Article Design
    • Lexicanum:Regiment Article Design
  • Information Articles
    • Lexicanum:Planet Article Design
    • People Articles
  • Armoury Articles
    • Lexicanum:Weapon Article Design
      • Weapon Type Articles
      • Weapon Articles
    • Lexicanum:Wargear Article Design
  • Lexicanum:Book Article Design
  • Lexicanum:Game Article Design