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Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:Banning policy

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A ban is a formal prohibition from editing Lexicanum pages, it can be imposed for a specified duration or an indefinite duration.

What can a user be banned for?

Users can be excluded from the Lexicanum team for a variety of reasons. A non-exhaustive list of reasons for being banned follows:

See also Behaviour guidelines.

Will I be warned before being banned?

In the case of severe breach of rules such as for example abusive behaviour or vandalism a user can be banned immediately. In the case of not following Lexicanum rules in general a "Three strikes" rule is applied. You will be warned three times and instructed how to do things correctly. Failure to observe these warnings will get you banned.

How long will I be banned?

The length of a suspension/ ban depends on the nature of the transgression and is decided by Lexicanum Sysop or Bureaucrat in charge. It can be modified according to necessity and ranges from some days to let people "cool down" and give them a second chance later to an indefinite ban.

Who decides about bans and can I appeal?

Lexicanum Sysops (also known as Administrators) and Bureaucrats are authorized to decide about banning a user. "Normal" users cannot and should not threaten other users with bans (which doesn't mean they cannot point out breach of rules and how to do things correctly). In fact threatening other users can constitute abusive behaviour and might have consequences for the user in question.

Appeals against bans must be filed with a Bureaucrat who - whether alone or after consulting with other Bureaucrats - makes the final decision if a ban is reversed, shortened or maintained.

Can I report other users for problematic behaviour?

Yes. Contact a Lexicanum Sysop (also known as Administrator) or Bureaucrat.