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Every registered User of the Lexicanum is an Editor as he/she has the tools at his/her disposal to edit pages, articles and files.

Is there a hierarchy of Editors?

Not all Editors have access to the same range of technical tools available in the Lexicanum wiki. Unfortunately it is necessary to limit the access to certain tools that are not needed in a daily context and for the "normal" tasks involved in creating or editing an article. The reason for this is simple: If unintentionally (or in some cases intentionally) used these tools can be very destructive. So for obvious reasons it is not possible or recommended to grant generalized access to them.

The "hierarchy" of access rights is therefore as follows (in ascending order):

This is a technical hierarchy. It does explicitly not mean that a "normal" Editor's voice and opinion is per se "worth less" than the one of an Administrator or Bureaucrats. We do try to listen to everybody and make decisions as transparent as possible. However every Editor should also have no illusions that when push comes to shove in the end it is the Administrators and Bureaucrats who have the final say on issues. The Lexicanum was never designed to function as a grassroots democracy, probably the best way to describe the Lexicanum is calling it a top-down Technocracy.

Who can an Editor turn to in case of problems?

In case any Editor encounters problems he/she should contact an Administrator.

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