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An External link is a link in the Lexicanum to a page or resource outside the Lexicanum - as opposed to an Internal link which is a link leading to a page or resource within the Lexicanum.

General purpose

External links are not normally used within the main body text of Lexicanum pages. As the Lexicanum deals (mainly) with the fictional setting of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and games set therein in all their facets and the sources that an Editor is allowed to use are restricted almost completely to sources that anyway have (or should have, if they do not exist yet) their own article pages within the Lexicanum Internal links cover most needs. The same is true for any terms that need linking to. Or in other words: There is very little need to link to resources outside of the Lexicanum. Taking into account that the few "real world" references that are needed in specific cases are covered by Wikipedia and that Wikipedia for all intents and purposes is used like a "normal" Internal link, the need for proper External links is narrowed down even further. In a vast majority of cases External links are therefore limited to the Trivia and the sources section, and even then their use is strictly limited.

When to use External links

The few cases when External links can be employed are:

  • when a source for an article is neither a publication nor a product with its own Lexicanum page but an accepted webpage (e.g. a Games Workshop page) or an archived version thereof (see here for more details on the latter) - it is still preferable not to use External links when possible. If they have to be used please note that it is mandatory to use archived versions.
  • when the information contained in a Trivia section cannot be sufficiently explained by using Wikipedia links
  • for links to active relevant homepages or other resources of companies or individuals, e.g. in a specific "External links" section of an article about said company or individual - it is still preferable not to use External links when possible. Please note that using archived versions only makes sense here if the homepage or resource is no longer updated or has disappeared altogether.
External links in a "Sources" section
Examples of External links

How to create and use External links

To include an archived version of an External link on a page you have to include the code [webpage address display text] on the chosen page as found or archived in the Wayback Machine.

For example:
If you want to link to the Games Workshop homepage (saved archive page, dated 21 January 1998, last accessed 14 March 2021):


[https://web.archive.org/web/19980121123410/https://www.games-workshop.com/ Games Workshop homepage] ''(saved archive page, dated 21 January 1998, last accessed 14 March 2021)'' 

Note: All external are automatically marked by the system with the small "External link" symbol seen in the screenshot above. This is to warn people that they are leaving the Lexicanum when they click on such a link.

See also

For more information on External links see here on Wikipedia.