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Helpful articles

In order to begin learning the basics of editing and creating articles, you should first visit the Immaterium, where you can experiment with the markup language Lexicanum uses. The Immaterium is an article created to allow new users to experiment with the markup without affecting important articles.

Simple Editing

Step What to do What Happens


Click here to open the Immaterium (you should probably open this in a new window - Shift+Click for most browsers - so you can still follow along on this page). (To open the Immaterium in a new tab in newer browsers that provide tabs, press Ctrl+Click for most browsers - so you can still follow along on this page).

The page Immaterium opens up. It probably already contains text written by other users.


Click on "Edit" near the top of the page. When the editing page loads, you may also want to open Editing Help (a link is located below the editing pane).

A new page loads showing all the content of the Immaterium, now capable of being modified.

You'll probably notice several strange symbols, mostly short words in square brackets - [ and ] - or in angle brackets - < and >. These are "tags" that help to format the article to make it easier to read or to add certain special functions. The square-bracketed tags are MediaWiki tags (the basics are explained at Editing Help) and the angle-bracketed tags are simple HTML.


Make a few changes to the article and then click "Save Page" below.

(Note: paragraphs can be made by inserting a blank line between two blocks of text).

The page is updated with your changes, and other users are able to view them (as well as a record of what changes were made and when).

If, while you were editing the page, another user saved his version of the page, you will be notified that there is an editing conflict. In this case the upper text field contains the text of the other user, own your text below, and between them the difference between both versions. You can then choose whether to edit the page to incorporate the other user's changes, or upload your own version.

Adding Links and New Articles

Schritt What to do What Happens


At the Immaterium, click again on "edit" and add some text in double square brackets, for example: [[Angron]]. Then click on "preview" to show you the result.

You will see a link to the article Angron. If this page already exists, clicking on the link will take you to that article. If not, you will be taken to an editing window to add text to the article when you click on it.


If you would like the link text to differ from the article, add a "pipe" (looks like '|') after the name of the article and then type in the text you would like to be displayed. For example, [[Angron|World Eaters Primarch]]

You will see a link to the article Angron, but it will look like this:

World Eaters Primarch.


The "pipe" as described above is also useful on its own. If you just add the pipe after an article name, it will automatically remove its namespace and any words in parentheses afterwards. For example, try typing [[Leman Russ (primarch)|]] and [[Category:Space Marine Legions|]].

You will see link to the articles Leman Russ (primarch) and Category:Space Marine Legions but they will look like this:

Leman Russ and Space Marine Legions.

Where to Now?

You may want to look at the next page like this, Second Steps, or you might want to view the Tutorial, which gives a more general overview of the things you can do at Lexicanum.

This article is based on the article Erste Schritte from the free Encyclopedia Wikipedia and is protected by the GNU License for Free Documentation. In the Wikipedia there is a list of authors available at List of Authors, and one may work on the article there.