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Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:Galactic map

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Terra Galactic Image.jpg

Below is the source file for the Galactic Map:

(about 660 KB, produced by Huân Vu and Simon Tunnat)

To alter the Galactic Map you will need an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop or the free GIMP.

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Light up the Segmentum in which the object is located. To select Segmentum Obscurus all "Select" levels must be switched off except "Select Obscurum"
  • Move the cross to the correct place. The writing is concatenated with the diagram and the cross will follow.
  • Enter the correct names into the text level. Usually normal upper and lower case formatting applies, only with larger areas like the Ultramar or Segmentum Solar is written completely in capitals.
  • If the name is in a poor position, alter the concatenation and move it. Make sure the gap between name and point doesn't become too big.
  • If the name becomes too long, insert a line-break.
  • If two letters should merge together, which can happen when writing with a large font, increase the width between the two from 100 to 200 (click on the card index file symbol in the menu, there are additional parameters for the character font - the field for the width is beside the "AV" symbol with an arrow going in both directions).
  • Store the picture for web purposes as a .JPEG file with 50% quality and checkmarks with "optimized" off, which should lead to a file size of approx 25 KB.
  • Name the file according to this pattern: galaxy_map_OBJECTNAME.jpg (example: "galaxy_map_terra.jpg").
  • Upload the image and merge it into the article.
  • Add the following text to the object description:
'''Galactic Image - OBJECTNAME'''

[[Lexicanum:Galactic Map|Source]] created by Huân Vu and Simon Tunnat, 2005

Edited by YOURNAME

Pre-created Maps

  • For special cases, the following maps exist:
    • Position unknown
    • Image:galaxy_map_restricted.jpg|Position restricted (to be created when needed)

See also: Galaxy Map Images for a full listing of all galaxy maps on Lexicanum.