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This page explains the naming conventions for articles in the Lexicanum. Generally the name of an article should be as clear and as distinct as possible for the majority of the users. At the same time it should be quite easy to link to.

These conventions are not fixed rules, they should be considered as a set of guidelines as sometimes article names have to be changed because of different reasons.

General Issues


Numbers in the name of an article are generally written out, e.g. "Third War for Armageddon" and not "3rd War for Armageddon". This however does't apply to obvious numbering systems such as numbers for regiments of the Imperial Guard. It is recommended to forward names like "3rd War for Armageddon" to "Third War for Armageddon".

Adjective or Noun

The Lexicanum is not a dictionary, this means that a subject should be described as compactly as possible in one article. So instead of creating separate articles for "Cadia" and "Cadian" everything should be included in "Cadia".

Special Characters

Article names that are based on the Latin alphabet but include special characters (e.g. é, ð, Ð, æ, Æ) or diacritical characters (e.g. á, Õ) are generally written as in their corresponding language. This spelling has to be included throughout the whole article. It is recommended to forward other writings to these special article names, for example "Kharn" to "Khârn".

For further information see Special Characters

Singular vs. Plural

In general, all articles should be named with the singular form of the topic, so Space Marine is preferred to Space Marines. However, the plural form may be used if the singular form is rarely (or never) encountered, such as with most Space Marine chapters.

Squads and Models

The best way to create articles for units in the game is to name them as they appear in the relevant codex. For instance it would be tempting to refer to "Veterans" in the title of an article on Imperial Guard Veterans, when in actual fact that refers to the single model in the Hardened Veteran squad. Therefore, the name for the Hardened Veterans is the Hardened Veteran squad. Note that in the Imperial Guard, a squad is made of 10 men/ogryns/ratlings etc. while platoons are made up of squads and where there are only a couple of units (single figures) they are named by their singular name, such as Techpriest Enginseer. Also note that 'squad' and 'platoon' are in lower case as they are not actually part of the name.

Models themselves will be contained within the squad/platoon etc. article with a section of their own, for example Terminator would be part of Terminator squad.

Conflicts with article names

The article title should only consist of the name, so no titles or addendums are allowed (for example colonel, Warlord, the Slaughterer, Planet, Sector etc.). If there are more than one article with the same name, a disambiguation has to be created with the corresponding articles listed which are differentiated with explanation in brackets e.g. XY (Imperial Guard), XY (Space Marines) for persons or XY (Person), XY (Planet), XY (Ship) etc.


See Abbreviations. Generally abbreviations should not be used in the Lexicanum and on no account in article names.

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