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You can create an user account by registering. This isn't compulsory - you can use almost all features of the Lexicanum without logging in, but it has some benefits:

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Some features are restricted to registered users, for example the uploading of pictures. In addition this enables you to adapt the appearance and the functionality of the Lexicanum to your needs. It also enables the other users to identify comments on the talk pages and it's much more comfortable to communicate with names rather than with changing ip numbers.

After logging in you can sign your coments on the talk pages with -- ~~~~ which will automatically be turned into a user signature by the Lexicanum software.

In addition a registered user can watch articles which he has revised or created to get an overview.

Finally every registered user has a user page, on which he can present himself or his work in the Lexicanum. There's also the corresponding user talk page, which serves as a kind of mailbox for the communication within the Lexicanum.

Choosing a user name

You are free to choose your user name, however you should keep in mind that you will be adressed with that name. Your name should not provoke or hurt the feelings of other users. User names that are intended to confuse other users (e.g. "Administrator" or the adaptation of existing user names) are not allowed.

Please note that every user name has to begin with a capital letter, else this will be changed automatically.

Neither it is allowed to use copyrighted names or names that conflict with national or international laws.


It is up to you if you publish your e-mail address, however if you do the Lexicanum won't give it to other people. If you have forgotten your password, it can be sent to your e-mail adress. Other users are able to send you an e-mail via the Lexicanum but they won't see your actual e-mail adress. You can also block incoming mails in your preferences.

You should be aware that the publication of your e-mail adress on your own user page will make it possible for others to find your adress, for example spam harvesters.


The Lexicanum server recognizes a user by a cookie that is stored by the browser on the user's computer. This cookie contains a user number which enables the software to distinguish between different users.

This means that cookies have to be activated else the Lexicanum won't recognize you.