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Your watchlist is a list of pages you are monitoring for changes. To watch a page (and be notified of any changes to that page), click the watch button at the top of the article. The page will immediately be added to your watchlist, and you'll be able to see an overview of what edits were made, by who, and when.


You can opt to be notified via email when a change has been made to one of the pages on your watchlist. Simply go to Preferences > User profile and under E-mail options check the box next to "E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed".

Otherwise, changes to pages on your watchlist can be viewed on your watchlist page.

Viewing your watchlist

You can track page edits by viewing your watchlist. Changes will be displayed at the bottom of the page by date, most recent to least. You can reverse this by checking the box next to Invert selection in the Watchlist options.

You can change the amount and type of items on display in the Watchlist options

To see a full list of pages you are watching, click on View and edit watchlist just below the page heading. Your watchlist is displayed in vertical groups sorted by namespace (Main, User, Lexicanum namespaces, etc.). You can also edit the watchlist on this page.

Editing your watchlist

On the View and edit watchlist page, items can be removed by checking the box next to the desired pages and clicking the Remove titles button at the bottom of the page. Pages can also be manually removed and added via the Edit raw watchlist page.

Note: Changing the order of listings of your Raw watchlist will not alter the order in which they are displayed.

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