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Emperor Titan

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial Titan type. For other uses of Emperor, see Emperor (disambiguation).
Emperor Titan during the Horus Heresy[16a]

The Emperor Titan is the largest type of Imperial Titan, consisting of two classes: the Imperator and Warmonger.[2]


Emperor Titans are immense, mobile fortresses, mounting veritable arsenals of weaponry, protected by void shield generators and armour so thick an Emperor Titan would not be out of place on a planetary defence installation. Emperor Titans are among the largest mobile battle units that can be deployed on a planet's surface. It forms a vital role, employed against the most formidable and overtly powerful enemies, providing massive, destructive and directed power. Emperor Titans employ the same technologies as other Titans but on a massive scale, relying on huge plasma reactors to supply their colossal requirements.[Needs Citation]

The most noteworthy feature of an Emperor is the fortified castle-like structure which occupies the entire upper half, sporting ornate features like spired towers and stained glass viewing portals. The building is heavily-armed, and more than capable of contributing to combat.[7a] Due to its prominent position, the Titan's head is situated lower than normal on the body, almost at the same level as the arm weaponry.[Needs Citation]

Standard Equipment

Imperator Titan[22]


The Imperator is one of the two variants of the Emperor, the other being the Warmonger. Of these two, the Imperator is a more general-purpose assault platform, whereas the Warmonger is a dedicated fire-support unit with advanced fire control and targeting systems crewed by just one man.[2] Apart from the other two variants, the Legio Praesagius was known to possess Emperor Titans of the Nemesis variant.[29]

Both types of Emperor Titan are extremely powerful; they are loaded to the brim with pre-installed weapons, and their mounts can handle Titan weapons too big for even the other classes (they do not however carry any close-combat weapons, as their sole focus is on extreme firepower). Emperors are very rare, and can utterly crush many weaker war engines. By default they also carry companies of troops on board for defense and assault assistance.[2]

Legio Ignatum Emperor Titan[13]

The Imperator

The Imperator is one of the larger examples of an Emperor Titan. Only the most battle-hardened Princeps are given command of an Imperator. In comparison to Battle Titans of all classes, Imperators are rare with most Titan Legions only able to field three or four Imperators in a campaign. The Grand Masters of Titan legions often use Imperator Titans, modified to a greater or lesser degree, as mobile headquarters. From here they issue commands to the whole legion or even lead vital assaults personally if the situation warrants it.[2]

Imperators are employed most of the time as vast mobile fortresses to strengthen vulnerable sectors of the battlefront or to act as a reserve force behind the front-line. When a major offensive begins, Imperator Titans spearhead massive assaults of men and machines, their terrifying firepower blasting a path through enemy lines. A complete company of infantry plus supporting troops can be housed on board the Imperator to guard it against infantry assault or be transported to a vital objective.[2]

The Imperator is configured to deliver salvos of devastation at all ranges, the fire intensifying as the Imperator closes with its target. However, Imperators are not normally equipped to fight other Titans in close combat. Instead they rely on their deadly firepower to cripple opponents before they get too close.[2]

According to the scale diagram from the Imperator's Apocalypse datasheet, it stands approximately 39" tall on tabletop, equivalent to 55.5 meters (166ft) in real life. Dies Irae,[1] the famous Chaos Imperator Titan that laid siege to the Imperial Palace, was stated as being 43m (130ft) tall, though it is by no means clear that Dies Irae had cathedral spires, serving as it was during the time of the Imperial Truth. As discovered in Dawn of War: Winter Assault, the planet Lorn V houses the fallen Mars-pattern Imperator Dominatus, which became a battleground for Imperial and Eldar forces as they fight for control over the Titan's weapons. In the campaign of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, the planet Kronus bears the Hellstorm Cannon of the Imperator Aquila Ignis.[2]

Imperator Titan[20]

The Warmonger

The Warmonger is very similar in structure and appearance to the Imperator Titan. Which was designed first is now lost to the mists of time, and all that is known for certain is that both Imperators and Warmongers have served in the Titan Legions since well before the Horus Heresy. However, while the two types of Emperor Titan are similar, they perform different functions of the battlefield. The Warmonger's weaponry is configured to provide long range fire rather than the more flexible configuration of weapons found on the Imperator. The Warmonger's primary weapons consist of a Doomstrike Missile Battery and Vengeance Cannon on each arm and four quad Flak Turrets on its back tower spires. In battle, Warmongers will usually be held back to provide long range support, bringing down devastating salvos of missiles and defence laser fire on the enemy, while other units forge ahead and drive into the heart of the enemy. The Warmonger Titan is best used with the Lysander Targeting Craft, which spots targets for its long-range weapons.[22]

Warmonger Titan[22]

Famous Emperor-Class Titans



Conflicting sources

  • A number of different sources list different heights for Emperor-class titans. Imperators are said to be at least 50 metres in height.[5] However, Imperator Titans have also been listed as being 60 meters tall,[7a] 70 meters tall,[8] at least 90 meters tall,[9] and 100 meters tall.[10]
  • Notably, one particular Emperor-class (Dies Irae) is said to be only 43 metres tall in one source [1], but earlier novel pegs the same Titan as being 140 metres tall.[6])

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