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Warp Spider Jump Generator

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Warp Jump Generator[6]

A Warp Spider Jump Generator is an Eldar warp generator used by Warp Spider Aspect Warriors housed within the armoured backpack of their Aspect Armour. This compact and complex device allows for instantaneous travel through the Warp, giving their prey no warning as they appear right beside them.[1]

The distances which can be travelled in this manner are relatively short, up to a hundred yards, but is an unpleasant experience for the wearer as visions of the Warp sweep across their vision and a great hungering maw tugs at their spirit.[2] For the Eldar to spend even a short amount of time within the Warp is not only a danger to their body but their very soul, and the possibility of a fate worst than death means the Warp Spiders are counted among the bravest of all Aspect Warriors.[3]


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