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Warp Ghosts

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The Warp Ghosts are a Chaos Space Marine warband which serve as the ferrymen of the Eye of Terror.[3a][4]

Warp Ghosts
Unknown.jpg Deathmongersmini.jpg
Colours: Green-grey with black trim and gold details.[5]
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Possibly several thousand Chaos Space Marines[3a]


The Warp Ghosts are a mysterious entity similar to the loyalist Legion of the Damned. A warband of spectral Chaos Space Marines existing between both life and death, they give off an eerie green glow. In M31, Iskandar Khayon did not recognize pattern of their armour and ships, commenting that it looked futuristic compared to what even the Imperium at the time fielded. The origin of the Warp Ghosts and what they are remain unclear, any attempt to have them explain their origin or intent is met with them proclaiming it irrelevant.[4] Even the Ordo Malleus has few picts of their existence.[3]

The Warp Ghosts serve as the ferrymen of the Eye of Terror. If a price is paid, they will escort those within the Eye to safe exit routes such as the Cadian Gate.[4] They also operate as regular mercenaries and marauders.[3a] Being only a warband, they have far less marines and equipment compared to the Traitor Legions, but are renowned for their ferocity,[3c] having earned a reputation as "world-breakers".[3a] In addition, they field an extremely powerful fleet which includes ships of Imperial and Xenos design.[3a] The Warp Ghosts also operate a heavily armored contingent known as the Stygian Vanguard which is known to operate Typhon Heavy Siege Tanks.[3c]

The Warp Ghosts are often confused with the Chaos warbands they carry into battle or for whom they temporarily fight, such as the Bleak Brotherhood, Deathmongers, and the Unhallowed.[3a] The Bleak Brotherhood has even been described as a faction of the Warp Ghosts,[2a] although the truthfullness of this account is doubted.[3a]


The Warp Ghosts were encountered by Abaddon the Despoiler and his fleet shortly before the 1st Black Crusade, escorting them out of the Eye after Abaddon agreed to give up his Sorcerers and the psyker children of his human slaves. These sacrifices were to become future members of the Warp Ghosts. In an act of apparent timetravel, the Warp Ghosts leader Saronos is in fact the Black Legion member Ashur-Kai.[4]

Thee Warp Ghosts later allied themselves with Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade.[1][3a]

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