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Warp Hunter

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Warp Hunter[1]

The Warp Hunter is a high-speed assault craft and one of the rarest variants of the Eldar Falcon grav-tank. Considered to be an archaic design, it was an unusual sight on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium until the Betalis III incident, when whole squadrons engaged Imperial forces in battle. As with other Falcon variant likes the Fire Prism and Night Spinner, the Warp Hunter sacrifices transport capacity for firepower.[1]

Technical Information

The most notable aspect of the Warp Hunter is its hull-mounted Distortion Cannon or D-Cannon. This example of the Eldar's advanced technology, little-understood by the Adeptus Mechanicus, creates a hole in the fabric of reality between real and Warp space, tearing the unlucky targets to pieces and dragging them into the Warp to suffer a terrible death. An unusual aspect of the Warp Hunter's D-Cannon is that it can also be used to create an 'æther rift' projected a short distance in front of the vehicle. By adjusting the D-Cannon's warp/real space disruption focus and warp core containment field generator, a seething mass of dark energy can be used to sweep the enemy from its prow.[1]

In all other respects the Warp Hunter functions similarly to the Falcon. It is commanded by a crew of two, a pilot and gunner, and is constructed from a Wraithbone chassis. Light and immensely strong, the Wraithbone also provides power to the craft and is especially tuned to the Eldar's psychic abilities, making it impossible for other races to operate the vehicle. For anti-infantry firepower it boasts twin-linked Shuriken Catapults which can be replaced with a Shuriken Cannon, and the Warp Hunter can be modified to incorporate a Holo-field, Star Engines, Spirit Stones and Vectored Engines.[1]

Among Eldar of the Craftworlds there is some reticent to use Warp Hunters, and prior to Betalis III a single sighting was considered an unusual event. However Eldar Corsairs have no compunction about committing these fearsome craft to battle, and it is thought Mymeara contains an atypically large number of them.[1]



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