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Warp Spider (creature)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Warp Spider. For other uses of Warp Spider, see Warp Spider (disambiguation).

Warp Spiders are tiny, aggressive, spider-like creatures that circulate within the Infinity Circuit of each Eldar Craftworld and the Webway.[1][2] They are particularly seen within the wraithbone trees of the Dome of Crystal Seers from where they melt their arachnoid forms to the Infinity Circuit.[3] These spiders act as the Circuit's immune system, searching for and destroying any invasive psychic presence that would otherwise corrupt the entire Infinity Circuit.[2][3] Because of their protective abilities, they are also known as White Guardians.[1]

Their aggressive defensiveness served to inspire the Warp Spiders Warrior Aspect.[2][3]