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Warp Portals

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Warp Portals is the name given to a unique warp phenomena that is separate from Warp Gates. These are actually warp space/real space interfaces that serve a simple role of being an entrance and exit from the warp. As such, they are not tunnels through warp space as any vessel entering into a portal is instead cast into the currents of the warp itself. By careful maneuering, it is possible to re-enter the same portal in order to depart warp space. Similar to warp gates, a mystery has emerged on whether they are natural phenomena, accidental events or perhaps artificial constructs with a secret purpose. There do exist xenos that make use of them to travel between warp space and real space with the most notable example being the Enslavers that are creatures of the warp. Portals can come in various sizes and exist in many different locations from planets to space. Their appearance can vary as some have a definitive physical component whilst others are invisible and some can be a simple hole in the ground. There are recorded cases of the use of warp portals by starships with damage warp engines who would normally be doomed in warp space but manage to find a portal that allows them to return to real space.[1]

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