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Warpsmiths are masters of Daemonic Soul Forges which churn out the Daemon Engines for the armies of Chaos Space Marines and Daemon Princes.


Space Marine in origin, these beings serve as a dark echo for the Techmarine. Unlike their Techmarine and Tech Priest counterparts, Warpsmiths seek to control and subjugate technology rather then worship or revere it. Warpsmiths tend to be obsessive and believe that mankind's destiny is limited by his mortal nature, and thus they see combining the power of Daemons with the mechanical and organic as the answer to circumvent this problem. Though expert battlefield repair technicians and siege masters, their true calling is presiding over the infernal industry of producing Daemon Engines.[3]

As technological masters, Warpsmiths are well-armed and carry an array of Flamers, Meltaguns, Bolt Pistols, Power Weapons, and Bionics.[1][2]

Notable Warpsmiths


Warpsmith Miniature[1]

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