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Wars of Secession

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The Wars of Secession were tumultuous rebellions that tore apart the Necrontyr empire throughout its history.[1]

First War of Secession

The First War of Secession took place before the Necrontyr race battled the Old Ones in the War in Heaven or encountered the C'tan. A result of the vast expansion of their race, the nobles of the dynasties established independent realms from the Necrontyr empire and fought against both the Triarch and one another. It was only ended when the Triarch found a greater enemy for the dynasties to unite against, the Old Ones.[1]

Second War of Secession

The Second War of Secession took place during the War in Heaven. As the war against the Old Ones deteriorated and the Necrontyr race became but a minor annoyance to them, the Necrontyr dynasties again fractured and fought for dominance over one another. The wars only ended with the apperance of the C'tan, whose promises of immortality and victory over the Old Ones gave the Necrontyr reason to unite once more.[1]