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Watch Fortress

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Map of Watch Fortresses of the Deathwatch
Organization of forces at Watch Fortress Talasa Prime

Watch Fortresses are fortresses, command stations, and training facilities utilized by the Deathwatch. These are spread throughout the realm of the Imperium.[1]

A Watch Fortress is a self-sustained facility capable of accommodating many Kill-teams. Equipped with Astropaths, Navigators, fleet docks, training facilities, and even forges, many are also home to captured xenos relics used for study.[3] Many Watch Fortresses also maintain a cache of Xenos and forbidden weaponry known as a Black Vault.[8b]

A Watch Fortress differs from a Watch Station in that while Watch Fortresses are large complexes and relatively rare, Watch Stations are far more numerous and smaller facilities.[3]

Known Watch Fortresses

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